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Bridge Deck Preservation

Polymer Cement Slurry Surfacing (PCSS)

Protect asphalt and concrete bridge deck pavement surfaces from the demands of traffic wear, freeze-thaw cycles, fuels and de-icing chemicals.

Key features include:

  • Superior bond-Bonds equally well to both clean asphalt and concrete surfaces.  Protects from scaling, erosion, limit corrosion of steel reinforcement.
  • Durability-High wear resistant surface, accepts the most common striping and painting materials.
  • Freeze-thaw resistance-Resistant to aggressive de-icing salt treatments or salt scaling, up to 50 cycles, an industry standard.
  • Fuel and chemical-resistance-Withstands the corrosive effects of oils, fuels and de-icing agents to better protect steel reinforcement and other metal components.
  • Skid resistance-Can be installed with various finishes to increase friction and aid in rain water dispersion.  A number of stenciled designs can eliminate the possibility of hydroplaning by facilitating water runoff.
  • Aesthetics-Can be installed in a variety of colors and finishes.  Natural color is  similar to concrete.
  • Economical-Faster installation & curing time shortens lane closings.
  • Light weight-Less than 1.3 pounds per square feet is added to the deck.

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To view the PCSS bridge deck application, click here: Video 1

To view the PCSS bridge deck application, click here: Video 2

To view the PCSS bridge deck application, click here: Video 3