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Spalled Concrete Joint Repair for Streets & Roads

Endurablend (EB) is advanced polymer cement slurry, comprised of specially blended acrylic modifiers, Portland Cement and a unique blend of engineered aggregates.

The most significant property regarding EB as a concrete joint repair, is the extraordinary bond.

ASTM C1583-13 Bond Strength Testing has proven EB to have excellent bonding to the crack side wall

Once the defective joints in the roadway are cleaned, EB can be continuously installed, with minimal traffic interruptions.

Key Features Include:

  • Environmentally stable                                                                
  • Adhesion, superior bonding
  • Ability to hold aggregate
  • Fast curing - shorter closures
  • Resistance to cracking & shrinkage
  • Freeze-thaw resistance
  • Fuel and Chemical resistant
  • Resistant to Snow Plows
  • Aesthetics - color similar to concrete