"Providing Solutions for Environmentally Sustainable Pavement Maintenance with Your Best Interest in Mind"

A systematic approach for effective pavement management, begins with the Pavement Evaluation.

Understanding pavements as an assets, requires protecting its equitable position while extending its intended service life.  Establishing a consistent method of inspections, documenting existing conditions, all are essential for effective pavement management.

Benefits of the Evaluation System:

  • Saves time & Money
  • Allows for budget forecasting
  • Prevents unforeseen payouts 
  • Provides a data base of historical pavement history
  • Provides an inventory for the pavement infrastructure
  • Provides a systematic approach to effective pavement management

Reports include:

  • Overall pavement conditions
  • Recorded locations of distress 
  • Defined distress types & severity level 
  • Identify safety (tripping) hazards   
  • Photo documentation
  • Identify storm water drainage design