"Providing Solutions for Environmentally Sustainable Pavement Maintenance with Your Best Interest in Mind"

Our goal is driven by recognizing pavements as assets, while utilizing preservation strategies for maximizing the targeted service life.

Pavements are usually thought of as a resilient material, and significant amounts of  money are not usually dedicated to them after initial construction.

If a pavement has failed (more than normal wear), either the pavement had not been properly designed, or properly maintained.  Changing the design is obviously nearly impossible, so only proper maintenance can take place, based on specific details.

Managing pavements requires dedicating a finite amount of money to maintenance.  Routine maintenance should not be a budget breaker.  Routine maintenance will prevent the need for unforeseen capital expenses, and reduces liability to the owner, and people who use them.

With future costs being a variable in any analysis, the need to understand the major milestones in the life of pavements is paramount if minimizing the cost is a goal. 

Keys to success:

  • Collect inventories from the infrastructure 
  • Assign a pavement condition rating 
  • Utilize standardized procedures for correcting defective pavements
  • Outline preservation strategies
  • Utilize collected data for predicting future maintenance budgets